We supply:

Any parts for the the full range of Honda models:


Second hand, used parts

Copy or aftermarket parts

This page is for customers from all around the world.

We advise local custumers and visitors to use the link below: 


My name is Endre Kulisics(aged 39) the founder, owner and director of the company called HONDAS GARAZS KFT.

I have been buying ,selling and repairing Honda cars and parts for the last 20years ,gaining knowledge and building expertise regarding anything with a HONDA logo on it.

Therefore it is very likely, that I can and will help if you are looking to find&buy any sort of parts, components for you car regardless it should be:

used, second hand 

copy or aftermarket 

Most of the parts are in stock at our warehouse based in Budapest,Hungary.


The company (HONDAS GARAZS KFT) itself registered  in Hungary, and it has been operating from Budapest since 2000 ,and meets every criteria set by law and other regulations.

VAT number: HU11990998


We supply from our warehouse ,from the stock of wide range components, parts for any Honda model sold on the european market.

We have been expanding and improving ,and now decided to extend the business more over the borders from this year(2015).

Our target is to satisfy customer needs regardless the location,and it brings satisfaction rather than complications.                                               

This is our policy and that is how we treat whoever turns to us.

I have had bad experience as a customer in the past 20 years when I was purchasing goods from abroad,so decided to focus on this matter in my own business.


Information regarding how to buy,payment options, warranty and guarantee ,postage and delivery,general terms and conditions see top of the page: Post service FAQ


We prefer to have inquiries in a form of emails,but phonelines are also opened from 8-17:30.


The company employs 7 people now ,icluding myself.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need to get a quote.

Every customer is equally important regardless of the amount spent.

We will get back to you a soon as we can.

We will not disappoint you!




Kulisics Endre